Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Greetings to all earthling ! hahaha xD
hello there ! haha....well..term 1 is coming to an end soon ! But homework keep piling up ! there are a lot of holidays assignment too >.< *sign* but we still have to finish each and every homework the teachers give :( well.. guess we have no choice ehs ? hahaxD..
YAY ! tomorrow AEM , get to go to Singapore Poly !!!!! YAY!!! hahah.xD
okay...shall end here for now..shall update it next time !
byebye ~ :DD
sayonara ! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

EL Homework

Task 1 :
The things in life that matters to me and how i can make my days count even more.

The things in life that matters to me are my beloved ones,which is my family :D and my friends.
They have always been there for me when i am upset or in trouble.They will always cheer me and and cheer me on.They are like colour pencils, and they colour my lifes and i need all of them to complete my picture .Meeting them and knowing them is my destiny and fate.i will use my life to treasure them. Therefore, i will make my days count by appreciating them and the people around me and put in effort to reach my goals.

Task 2 :
Who I am thankful for and why i thank my lucky star

There is three different types of people i want to thank. My family,my seniors-band seniors and my friends.

Firstly,the people i amt thankful for is my family.They have been taking care of me since i was born.They have taken care of me for 14 years and have showered a lot of love to me.I am very grateful of them.They are the one who taught me a lot of things in my life and they will also help me with my studies.They have done a lot for me and i want to thank them for willing to take up the hardship of bring me up for 14 years.Thank You so much !!

Secondly, the people i want am thankful for is my three seniors. First,i am thankful for Dorothy.She had taught me a lot of things that i don't even know.When i first join band,she is the one who teach us how to hold a instrument properly and how to maintain our instrument.Whenever i encounter a problem, she will be the one to lend me her listening ear and help me out.She also taught me a lot of things related to music.She also teach me how to play on my instrument and make sure i play it well.I am really grateful o have such a good senior around me.Second, i am thankful for Ashley. When i am in sec 1 and during band practice,i am attached to her,as in one junior to one senior.She is the one who has been teaching me music theory and practical(play my instrument).Whenever i don't know how to play , she will be the one standing beside me and clap out the rhythm for me and ask me to play for her to listen and point out my mistake.I am thankful to have such a grat senior and i am glad to know them.Third, I am thankful for Sabrina.Even though i am not under her, she also taught me a lot of music related music.She will also teach me how to play on my instrument and we always practise together .
She will also joke around with us and never fail to make us laugh.I am thankful for knowing her and teaching me a lot of things. The three of them have let me realize that music is actually much much more than what i know and make me realize that i can't liv without havng this kindof music beside me :D I am really thankful for them to make my life filled of laughter and joy when we are together. Thank You So Much My Dear Seniors ! :DD

And last but not least, i and thankful for my friends.They will always be there for me whenever i am feeling down.They will try all means to make me laugh:D They will always be there to support me , lend me a listening ear and cheer me on.We have been through a lot of ups and downs together.The one i am also very thankful for is Joey Zheng.When we first met is the first day of school when we study in Punggol Secondary School.We have become very good friends when we are in sec 2.She will always give us her moral support and cheer me on.I am really glad to have such a cheerful and kind hearted girl.She never fail to make us laugh and she had done a lot of things for us.She is a really really great friend i have ever met and i wish we will stay in contact and stay as best friends forever.Thank You Joey Zheng and my friends :D

Lots Of Love,
EnQi :D

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Offical Post :DD

Hello..haha..this is my forth blog ler :) ..haha...even though i got four blog i use one only :))
haha...not this one cos this is for english class blog :DD hahaxD
this is a very short post.haha..stopping here
byebye ~